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So maybe I'll get around soon to making the youkai reference and gendered marketing posts I was collecting links for...

In other news, I can draw crappy digital 4-komas and get tons of faves/ratings/bookmarks/comments, but spend hours making an attempt at 'real' art that I'm genuinely happy about and hardly anyone notices.  :iconfliptableplz:

Doug Henderson FTMFW

I read about that fancy new Dinosaur Art book, but I dunno it's like do you really need more books full of Sibbick, Rey and Hallett or whoever when you would rather see more Jim Robins?  (I was led to believe that the list of included artists I read was comprehensive...?)  I'm more interested in this book TBH…

Oh how cute, I was going to draw a creature a day.  So cute it was to have hopes and dreams that get viciously battered into submission.  -___- :iconcryforeverplz:
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I can't join a group, see groups I'm a member of, or see the window for editing my profile page.  There isn't anything in there.  I can't find anything about this in forums, does anyone else have this problem?  I'm in Firefox, but I haven't updated to 12 yet because I'm lazy... is that the problem?

I only have 80 watchers here because I am so shiftless :iconnotsohappyaliceplz:  I should go back to drawing a creature a day like I intended to a long time ago, but being tired and working 40 hours a week on a completely unstable schedule tends to make you forget stuff.  A lot.
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Been stressed out from working a lot, and I guess things weren't going well for a long time.

Guess I should post more here :/  But that might mean unoriginal characters to start with.  My confidence has been sapped over long months of just existing and being unable to hope for improvement.  Cheerful huh?  Not sure what else I can say to explain it.

...Now that I posted another Touhou-related image here, it occurred to me that it would be great to point unfamiliar people to a place with decent, more serious or fantastic takes on the characters.  But I don't think that place exists in reality.  To be honest, if you want to know why Touhou can be interesting but you can't read any Japanese and/or are unwilling to click past a LOT of terrible, horrifying pornography and s***y anime moeblobs, you're... gonna have a bad time.  But it would be great if I could explain why.  :<  (interest in Asian folklore probably helps, though)

Maybe sometime I'll compile my own collection of suitable links.  :/
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I haven't felt good for a long time, and things aren't going well.  So whatever apologies, are due to anyone who expected more drawings here.  Not that you would, or anything like that... :icontsundereplz:

Right now I'm working on commissions and gifts and that's forcing me to draw again, though.  I couldn't feel inspired for a while and there was no point posting here.  I might double-post my recent commission here, although it's partially fanart it's partially something I completely made up.  Not sure yet.

Sometimes I post previews of things on twitter!/rezupokkaripsu
mostly it's nonsense, but that can't be helped.


PS I want this a lot:…
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CollectA Deinocheirus = :iconwantplz:  DO WANT.  Looks MILES above most of their other figures...
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Finally back to updating my blog.  Of course I have a lot more to get to.

At the moment I am busy with art commissions because of the situation I'm in, and trying to get art started as a genuine income supplement.  I hope to still slip in some time to draw creatures, as was my intention, but real life trauma got in the way.
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For the last 2 days on both of my DA accounts,  I've been unable to submit anything.  WHen I select a file to upload it appears with a red X next to the upload progress bar, then randomly the thumbnail shows up but gives me no option to select the full view size or disable downloading.  When I try to submit, I get an error that I didn't select a file to upload, but the thumbnail is still visible.

I've tried for 2 days...  different file sizes...  I have photos to upload.

Let me also add that I don't understand why it's so difficult for DA to have a forum section where people post about issues they're having.  The 'Status' forum is utterly useless, there will be no updates to it for months and the rest of the forum is off topic nonsense like 15 year old kids complaining about their teachers or boyfriends.


I'm able to upload with Internet Explorer, but when I go to the page it keeps displaying the last thumbnail I tried to upload on FF, as if its stuck or something.
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I got my popcorn out yesterday to read the March archives of the Dinosaur Mailing List… there were a Fandom Wank for science, this response to Gregory S. Paul's initial post on ripoffs and price undercutting in paleoart would be a great hit.   See also this article… for an apparently biased view, if commenters have anything to say about it.  (For the record, I agree with a lot of what he says but also agree with those who say it sounds like he is over-reaching with some of it...)

I actually bookmarked a post by Luis Rey...… ...don't know why, but I like this guy, lol.  That was my favorite post in the whole thing.  *fangirls*  

And GSP totally dissed Mark Witton OMGWTF :iconshockedsuwakoplz: Oh no he di'int!!  Why do I know who these people are?  Because I lurk on so many blogs where some of them regularly post.  It's kind of weird...  I've been reading TetZoo for so long and started seeing lots of people like this commenting there, and then went on to read lots of other blogs.

As for me, I know enough to follow discussions on the DML and elsewhere, but not enough to say anything about anything, and I'll leave it at that.  That's why I Lurk Moar.  :iconthumbsupplz:   You can learn a lot from your betters!  I don't even remember from one month to the next, which new taxon have been lumped or split, because I am not a scientist and have other things to read about/do (see )  

Anyway, if you are a nerd I recommend lurking moar on the DML because it's really interesting.  And here are some other things I read, just for good measure:………

Ah, there are probably some missing bookmarks I can't find right now >_<… An unfortunate headline...  like many commenters, I've never heard 'agree' as an intransitive verb :wtf:

News: Found job, lost job.  Found another job, lost another job.  Possibly found other job.

Kittens are climbing on me...

I'm working on a shiney Microraptor, will post when it's at a satisfactory state of development, but I also have totally unrelated gift arts for some people that will cut into my time, and planning to draw a short fan-doujin for a website as an 'introduction' of sorts to original work.  You know, stuff that has nothing to do with creatures for the most part.  :/
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I made a 'blog' for wanking on about things that take up too much space and/or are out of place in existing venues.

Also to be more like my imouto

I still suspect very people will care, but I guess I'm used to that.

Got to post more old book things, and yesterday I found ANOTHER new Bella Sara set, yeah in the same week I only just finally found the last one.
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The frontal view brought a tear to my eye...

that's the most beautiful frill I've ever seen.

**Looking for some restorations but all I can find so far is crap CGI.  I guess it's a centrosaurine... find closest relatives... meh.  But anyway I found some nice blogs I hadn't seen before…

2009 in paleontology!
This was really odd.  My grandmother and cousin were visiting so I took them to a popular 24 hour cafe last night.  One of the servers I noticed was really pretty in a tomboyish kind of fashion with black hair and black eyes-- it took me a long time to realize that she had a near-exact copy of Elka's hairstyle, other than the ponytail being shorter.  Her mannerism was kind of the same as I imagine Elka to be, as well.  Not similar face or complexion but the rest of it was odd enough.

It was a little unsettling.  She looked at me a few times, maybe thought I was a freak cos i kept staring at her hair hahaha oops.  :ashamed:
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Unfortunately I've had a ton of classwork the last few weeks, and a week or so getting out of feeling rather ill so I haven't had a lot of time to work on anything but whatever random sketches I can fit in.  I suppose once it settles down and I get some chores taken care of on top of it, I'll be able to do more substantial things...

I wish I could think of a way to get this looked at more, but I wonder if it's even developed enough considering I've had not a lot of time.  And wondering if it's really quality enough to stand out from anything else.

Random note:
As someone who's made a personal religion out of the appreciation of Endless Forms Most Beautiful, I'm getting really angry at the human race.  Any given ecosystem and faunal assemblage is definitely worth more than humans, when you come down to it. I despise short-sightedness and the devaluation of actual value.  We want it now and cheap and then throw it away cos blah who cares.  No comprehension of the work done by real human hands in a labor of love.

Y u hate my religion and everything that is holy on this earth?  Life force is what passes for a deity.

Humans can really have no honor, most of the time.  What terrible neighbors we are to one another, and to other living things. There ought to be a plague of Godzilla-like monsters to put the fear of God into us :lol:  Hmm, I'm only half kidding...

Long live all members of creation past and present, and imaginary.  I figure this was the best place to write about that, since it's the place I put all my living things.

OK back to my Historical Geology* test studies and listening to Touhou remixes.  I'm here in my coffee shop in my favorite corner.  Do you know how GOOD it feels to get coffee after not having it for a whole half the day... it's like crack flowing through your body and mind

*Oh... can I mention how amused I was when my Geo prof brought up punctuated equilibrium and "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny"   LOL so many familiar things.  I think this test is going to go really well for 75% at least, the only thing I have to study harder is sedimentary facies and shoreline regression/transgression.

I believe everyone in school should be required to take a physical geology class, the facts are immensely useful in understand so much of what affects our life and environment.  Ha instead of thinking, we'd rather be ignorant of how the world works.  LOL @ Homo sapiens, epic fail
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I had the urge to upload photography.  Probably will be some more, but the other decent ones are not on my HD at the moment.  I feel rather bad that I haven't uploaded enough finished art here and not sure that there's enough to justify my aspirations, but well... I've been overwhelmed lately with an overactive mind.  I swear I have undiagnosed ADD.

Still have sketches to finish, digital to practice, creatures to develop further and the damned hadrosaur sparkle pic that's been in sketch stage for too long (busy collecting reference pics and have had trouble finding good SKELETAL/hard reference for the feet, practicing the skulls because for some reason I never drew hadrosaurs very often.)

I need to do more.

BTW, I went to the movies last night for the first time in many, many months, and saw The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.  I really enjoyed watching it, although it has plot issues.  Not the greatest film of all time, but I liked it enough.  There was not enough escapism in the theaters for me to choose from, so it came down to either freakin' Avatar, or this. Lately the emo, realistic stuff is too tedious for me.  If I go to see a movie I don't want to feel depressed about the human condition afterwards, I want to escape into a different state of mind or see pretty things for a while.

out of morbid curiosity, I watched Tideland online last night, or rather, most of it.  I thought anything that got such horrible reviews would be at least worth a look to see if a film could really be as terrible as they made it sound.

Really it only baffled me.  I'm not at all sure what to think of it.  I don't know whether it's a good or bad film and I don't know what to take from it aside from "that was really f***ing weird and random."  Also, I didn't find it nearly as horrific and disturbing as I expected to.

But I liked the talking doll heads.
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Record of my paleo book collection began here...… like to take a sample of more of these when I have time.  Although i'm not sure how many people would be interested in it, I always like seeing page samples when buying books like these because some will surprise you with general lameness or bad art.  I collect both for quality and for amusement, though, so accuracy and usefulness may vary drastically.

Purchased today, a new book...… new they don't have a cover image on Amazon :?
It was only $13, very large, and looks fun so I bought it.  Contains paleos other than dinosaurs, making the title pleasantly misleading.  Various art contributors, so the art ranges from very good ( Luis Rey, probably others) to quite serviceable, to middling, to abysmal.  Back matter credits only an art agency with a few exceptions.  
Example of a good spreads::  h… Half-and-half: a lovely illustration on the left is juxtaposed with a... thing of some sort on the right page.  Unfortunate

Along with genuine Rey art, many of the illustrations are afflicted with the dangerous Luis Rey Syndrome-- a terrible disease that compels mediocre paleo artists to depict all prehistoric creatures in EXTREME!! foreshortening so that you can see almost none of the body except for eyes and teeth, and garish colors appropriate only for reef-dwelling fish and corals.  t… Platybelodon is afflicted with a very unfortunate case of the disease. One of the saddest sights ever.  I'll grant them the plesiosaur.  But Mononykus is one of my personal favorites, and here it looks like a clown vomited on a genetically damaged plucked chicken.  One of the worst examples I have seen. :( :(


From Dinosaurs Through Time, the large youngsters' book on the top left here… Iz dat some Sibbick  I… dat sum Henderson Pretty creative for kids' book

Time-Life "The World We Live In" general nature and earth and science related giant coffee table book from IIRC the '60's, contains giant fold-outs of the famous Zallinger murals, both dinosaur and
Well anyway, those fold outs are my favorite part of this book, which I got at a thrift store for like 50 cents or something.

DINOSAURS Super Sticker Book: It's actually pretty fun and great variety.

The First Book of Prehistoric Animals, published 1954 (kickin it old school):

More later?

**I can't remember the name of the artist I particularly like whose work is in that book, and I will have to find it.
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There's your placeholder scrap until I get the other ideas together.  My brain is really hectic and I have too many thoughts at once, I've just currently gotten inspired by the animal references I have, esp the deep-sea creatures, and I'm still working on the hadrosaurs (better references for feet/funny paws needed) and some more dragons.  Not to mention Elka and Lucina (untitled concept.)

Sorry if I'm boring you with the rock macros, but I could seriously look at my rock collection for hours and never get bored of them.  I just figured out how to use the super macro feature on my tiny automatic Olympus camera my grandmother gave me last year, and the textures on some of them are really fascinating.  I'd like to use them in art...

Not many ppl watch this account, most of them probably come from the Ministry of Silly and Forbidden Works that is my other account.  So, apologize for boring you and thx for watching as I struggle to have something to show for my life.
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I've felt remarkably tired and unmotivated in the last month, I thought uploading some useless things would motivate me more.  Sorry for the childhood scraps, you'll just have to put up with them.

Right now working on a couple of hadrosaurs.  I realized I haven't drawn many of them, so I had to examine a lot of the skeletal and life reconstructions and photos of the fossils.  Look forward to sparkly Olorotitan and Tsintaosaurus.  I kind of wish Tsintao didn't have that great nasal opening under its horn to throw off my design, but I saw a couple reconstructions that worked it in an interesting way.  It's a bigger opening that I thought.…

I'm sure I'll buy this sometime soon, as I'm a massive fangirl of this blog.

I'll try to think of something interesting to post later.  Till then, for the very few people motivated to watch my floundering attempts...
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Placeholder.  Uploaded one thing so it looks like I have a proper account.

I probably won't do much socializing on this one and just post a few particular things here until it gets easier/more coherent.
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